Sunday, February 13, 2011

Less Is More Challenge ,,,, err !!!!

OK , in my defense ,,, it's late and this took me all of 2 mins to make ,, no effort here and it shows ,,, I don't know what I was thinking scoring those lines ,,,

Chrissie ,,, DT girlie on the Less Is More Challenge asked me to try to make a bigger card and make the sentiment less prominent,,, so I have but I think I need to rethink this ,,, so maybe I will be back tomorrow with another effort :-) I really appreciate Chrissie pointing me in the right direction , thanks for your constructive criticism ,, I really appreciate it xx :-)

I will use this as a notecard ,,, it is not totally dreadful eh !!! :-)

Lols x x x


Chrissie said...

You star for having another go... personally I think that the composition is better now that the sentiment is not so prominent and you can look into the card rather than having the image jumping out at you!
It's difficult to look at your own work with dispassionate eyes, but from my point of view I think this is a more pleasing card... you must make your own decision about the scored lines!!!
Good on ya Lols!

Lorraine A said...

thanks Chrissie ,,, I do think this is better than my last effort ,,, except for the score lines ,,, wish I hadn't done those :-)


Donna Mosley said...

Hi Lorraine, I think it's fab. The stamp is lovely and love the touch of glitter you've added too.

Donna x

Maja said...

I think it's a lovely card.
If those scored lines bother you so much, then perhaps you could try and score another line closer to the end of the card (in all directions).

Christine said...

Hiya Lols knew you would have another go..LOL still a great crad peeps pay a forune for the cards in shops..
I just made one meself & yep took 2mins..some record even for me..feels like its cheating to spend so little time making one of these..

smiles Christine xx

ps a double score line sounds good..

Danni said...

I think it's a great card!

Gibmiss said...

Hi Lorraine
this card is lovely ...well done
hugs sylvie

Joey said...

Hiya Lols Hun

I think this is fab specially as you chose to use yellow on those blooms, the score lines are that bad hun, I try to add nestie embossing bits to my cards and always end up cutting thru the blinkin card argh. Had to laugh Mandi saw thru my attmept last week and I need to make a bigger card this week oh eck!

Hope your ok hun
Love Joey xx

Sammie said...

I really like the score lines. It frames the image ad makes me look in. I think double score lines would spoil the effect. I love the simplicity of this. It shows off the beauty of the stamp.

Susan said...

I love the score lines...really frames the flowers and sentiment.

Sheila in Cyprus said...

Like this one, it looks more subtle. Love Sheila (Cyprus)

Mandi said...

MUCH better Lols! Even with the lines hehe
Stick with it, you will throw all those ribbons n embellies in the bin hehehe
Thanks for participating in our second challenge, hope you will continue to do so its so appreciated
"Less is More"

Stamps and Paper said...

A really lovely card.


debby4000 said...

Gorgeous Lols, love it.

Jan said...

Fab xx Jan

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

I am sooooo glad someone else is having fun with 'less is more' :o)
You are way too hard on yourself for this card though, Lols. I think it's really pretty. The score lines are a great idea, but I would just put them nearer the edges of the card. BUT!! What do I know.. lol**
Caroline xxx

Deborah Frings said...

I like this one best!! The borders frame the flowers beautifully!

massofhair said...

Great fresh looking card and the sentiment does look better smaller. Well done for having another go:-)

Jose said...

Excellent card, and love the amount of white space you still have.