Thursday, December 31, 2009

Please Read This Post :-)

I have just visited Curt's World blog and I have copied this from his Wednesday evening Post ,,, I hope he doesn't mind x x

As many of you are aware there are quite a few of us that dislike the word verification for a number of reasons ,,, but the primary reason in my case is just the amount of time I waste trying to get the letters in the right order ,,, invariably gettiing it wrong and having to start all over again. It really takes me ages to do and I would much rather be spending more time seeing other people's wonderful creations :-)
Just read now what Curt wrote and please follow his instructions on how to check that yours is turned off ;-) I am sure you would like us to enjoy our visit to your blog and I am sure you like to recive a comment ,,,so don't make it difficult for us to visit you !!!!

As we visit our favorite people's blogs, we are asked to jump through hoops (sometimes many) just to leave a comment on a blog. First you have the word verification, then some have it set when you leave a comment and hit submit it takes you to another window where you have to do word verification and then click another button just to leave your comment. Then there are others that you have to scroll down past all comments before you get to leave your comment. This is very time consuming, and I personally feel that if our visitors are kind enough to want to leave us a comment, we shouldn't make them work so hard to do it.

On some blogs that are joining this movement, some folks are stating that they will no longer leave comments on those blogs that make them jump through these hoops. I don't subscribe to being that over the top. I'll leave a comment on everyone's blog no matter what. But I would like to ask that you at least think about changing your settings so that you can make it easier for people to leave you comments. Here is what I have done (have for a while now) and these settings make it the easiest for people to leave comments while giving you complete control:

1. Click on "customize" at the top of your blog (in Blogger).

2. Click on the "settings" tab.

3. In settings, click on the "comment" tab.

4. Look for "Show Word Verification" make sure "no" is checked.

5. Look for "Comment Form Placement" and click "pop-up window".

6. Look for "Comment Moderation" and click "always". Then make sure you enter your email address in the box provided so that you are notified when there are new comments waiting to be approved.

7. Click save settings.

It is so simple to do. I changed mine a few months ago, and I've had absolutely no problems. The annoying posts that idiots try to leave can easily be rejected when you moderate your comments. The advantage to the pop-up window is that it allows the commenter to see your post or scroll to a place in your post without having to come back to the comment window. This makes it easy for them to comment while looking at what they are commenting on.

Please listen to this plea ,,, all of you ! From experience more than 50% of you have it turned on,,, so please double check your settings :-)

Thank You and Happy New Year :-)


Enfys said...

I so agree with this post Lols, life is too short to click buttons and write a load of meaningless symbols!! Thanks for posting,
En xx

Helen said...

I agree...I hate word verification...what a complete waste of time and energy...but I also dislike the pop-up comments boxes too...then you have to click 2 things to close the blog after you've commented...I guess I'm just lazy! lol
Helen x

Kim. said...

I also totally agree and even though I knew mine was off I double checked using the message you posted.
Happy New to you and lets hope more people take this on board.
Kim xXx

cheryl said...

i totally agree with this too hun do not have it on mine,I cant always read the letters anyway especially when I am tired my eyesight is not that great,just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe new year love hugs cheryl xxxx

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Lorraine since your campaign I have noticed that some of the word verifications have been adjusted but not all I just wish more bloggers would read your views and others on this matter and join us in making things easier for us leaving the comments.

Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm! I am wondering Lorraine can we maybe email the makers of blogger to get them to turn it off!!

then we will be totally shot of it!

maybe we can organize a pertition!
sorry spelling!