Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are ya Jealous !!!! ;-)

Am sure you won't be jealous of my messy desk ,,,,you'll have to scroll down to see what I am so happy about !!! :-) Any offers to come and tidy up my desk will be gratefully received lol :-) I have seen this on various blogs where people take a piccy on Wednesdays and thought I would let you all see my mess too ;-) When you have taken a photo you link it to this blog and then go and see everyone else's mess ;-) FUN eh !! :-)

As you can see there's a couple of SU punches ,, I just bought these for the Funky Fairys Punchem's because they firt perfectly ,,, there are also a couple of Martha Stewart punches on there from Simon Says Stamp. A House Mouse stamp and a Wild Rose Studio one on there too ,, my next projects ,,, one is shh for a while :-) Think I should clear away all those Greeting Farm ones before I start anything else ,, they are clean ,,, just drying properly !!! :-) Oohh there are a few pairs of glasses too with various strengths of lenses !!! :-( another story which I won't go into ,,,, :-)

Now onto my lovely fantastic gift from Heidi at Simon Says Stamp :-) I have actually had this a few days but had to make sure that all the challenge DT had received theirs before I showed you ,,, didn't want to spoil anyone's surprise :-)

When Heidi and Terra went on their crafty cruise with Tim Holtz and Wendy Vecchi Heidi asked Tim for a gift to give to her DT !!! How FANTASTIC IS THAT !!!! ;-) Soooo here it is !!!! :-)))))

AND here is the back of it !!! :-)

Fabulous or WHAT !!!! :-) I can't thank Heidi or Tim enough for this wonderful gift ! :-) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :-)


Sharon Caudle said...

heehee...I LOVE seeing someone else's mess. Still not quite as bad as mine is though! LOL! And WOW!!! What an awesome gift!!! I love the quote and then to have it signed especially to you from Tim is just awesome! Enjoy!!! hugs!

Penny said...

Oh I am absolutely JEALOUS!!!! How amazing is that!!!!

And your desk looks a lot better than mine... lol

Jessie said...

That's soooooo cool!

Kaz said...

I. Am. Not. Jealous!

I'll come and help tidy your desk, just don't mind the big bag I'll bring, I take it everywhere!!

Sue said...

Oh ya mucky girly look at that desk! i will come n help hun!! lol. oh oh the postie come n me mouse here i have that berry one, so cute his fat ickle tumtum. Gorgeous bag hun you lucky girly,sue.xx

Ria said...

Oh you know I want to get my hands on that horrible workspace of yours!! That you can work in a mess like that and believe me I am no clean organized crafter ;) but I need everything to be in its place to create beauty else I loose my MOJO!!! How weird is that he;)

Soooo that is the fabulous bag!! I am not jealous and I am so not looking green that is the xmas lights that are reflecting ;) hahahahah
hugs Ria

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh it's great to have a rummage around your looks great to me, lots of lolly stmaps. Am hugely relieved that you're human...glitter glues in a pot clearly labelled 'tape' and the neighbouring pot named 'bits and bobs' - I'd need a 10 gallon pot for them!! Thanks for WOYWW-ing, hope you join us again!

Ann said...

What a lovely messy desk. Great to see! All those great punches on there too. But are you sure you have - umm - enough pens??

Pam said...

What a fab desk there is so much to nosey around because basically that what we all are!!! Love the bag you lucky thing. Hugs Pam x

Susie Sugar said...

Oh Lorraine thanks for letting us rummage round I have had a good old nose !! lol
We have so many things the same .... lucky aren't we !!? he he
That bag is the business !!I don't have one of them !!! I would frame that, sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass so you can see both sides .... signed by sir Tim himself no wonder you are pleased you lucky girl !!
And yer.....we are all jealous !!! he he
Hope to see your desk again next week
Hugs Susie xx

SueH said...

I love nosing at everyone’s desks but I don’t think I’ve seen one with something on that I would kill for.
How fabby is that bag….signed by the great man himself.
Lucky old you!


Nikki said...

I see you've included a bag for those who want to take what they want from your stash lol
thanks for sharing

Sam said...

what a great bag!!!! And what a fabulously creative desk - although I do have one question - how do you find what you need on that shelf above your desk - if you're anything like me I am sure you buy stuff that you forget that you already have!! (I found a stamp set in a box today and was so relieved I didn't buy it last week ha ha!!)

Deanne said...

oh wow what a wonderful gift :) and very productive space going on there x

theneon said...

Lorraine! You think this is a mess? You are tidy compared to my workspace - -thanks for sharing -- it is nice to know that there are creative people out there who "use" their space! LOL

Lynne in NI said...

I'll tidy your desk Lorraine ... all I need is a big bag and a taxi home to put it all onto MY desk! LOL!

Anonymous said...

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