Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to make a box for your cards tutorial :-)

I have been asked several times how to make a box for those cards that are too 'embellished' to fit into an envelope. A box is a lovely way to present special cards,, wedding for example. It is also really good for all the easel cards that are so popular at the moment !! :-)
This is how I do them ,,, I do not profess to be an expert box maker :-) This will make a box 1 1/2 cm deep.

For my box I used card that was printed using Funky Fairys Papercraft download. It is fabulous to be able to make everything match perfectly. I really find digi paper downloads fantastic !! :-) The card I made for the Funky Fairys Challenge and you can see more details about my card here

STEP 1,,, meaure your card

STEP 2 For the top of the box cut your piece of card 4cm bigger than the card itself

STEP 3 For the base cut your piece of card 3.7cm bigger than the card itself.

STEP 4 score both pieces of card 1.5 cm from the edges on all 4 sides. mark the center on 2 opposite sides of the box lid.

STEP 5, Fold along all edges using a bone folder to get a nice crisp fold. using a circle punch, punch out 2 semi circles on opposite sides of the lid where marked . This will give you a finger pull to make it easier to open the box.

STEP 6 Trim little triangles from the corners of the top and base of the box

STEP 7 using a strong wet adhesive glue all the tabs onto the inside of the box . The extra strong sticky tape does not work ! I tried !! :-)

It should look like this ,,, I am adding this piccy because on a recent workshop one of my ladies glued them to the outside !!! :-/

The card will sit in the box just perfectly ,, leaving a .5cm gap on all 4 sides so it is easy to remove.

So there it is finished . A simple box ,, you can decorate it ,,, or not !! It's up to you :-)

If you do happen to make a box following this tutorial will you please just let me know how you got on ,,, and could I do anything to improve this ?? :-) I will appreciate all feedback :-


Penny said...

What a great tutorial. You've written it so it's easy to understand. Alot of tutorials are hard to follow!

Lana Clarke said...

Fab tutorial Lorraine and thanks for sharing
Lana x

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! What a fab box!! Thanks for the great tut!! HUGS

Sue said...

Fabby hun looks beautiful, i lay me card down on the card then pencil mark edge then measure ickle bit n cut if off, my ruler never works right if i to it by that!!! lol sue.x

CraftyC said...

A great tutorial Lorraine, Thankyou!!

Tasha said...

Thanks for the Demo i will defo be tring this one instead of letting my cards go in an envelope and chancing they arrive ok!
love tasha xx

Cathy said...

Great tutorial and one I will be remembering ... nedd a few boxes for Christmas cards.
Thanks for showing and sharing,
Cathy xx

Crafting Queen said...

Great tutorial Lorraine. Hope you have a good evening. Hugs Anesha

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Can't wait to give these a go Lols...thanks so much for doing all the hard work!! :0)

Crystal said...

OOOO Lorraine how darling, so super sweet and thanks so much for the tutorial!

Anonymous said...

This is a great tutorial, so clear and easy to understand--just what I need! Great photos, too! I'll let you know when I try it out!

Linda Brun said...

Nice box and thankyou for a great tutorial


andrea said...

thankyou for the tutorial,loving the colours on your card

cheryl said...

wow hun great bpx brilliant tutorial will def give this a go love hugs cheryl xxxx

Domna said...

My boxes by your tutorial :)
Thank you ,Lorraine!

Cazamataz said...

This is a great tutorial, i'll let you know how i get on when i create my box.
Love Carol

Jane Beatty said...

Hi - I think I have followed your requirements to enter for a chance for the wonderful eye candy. I have seen a few cards to whet my appitite and I am now inspited to try a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

li-bee-ti said...

Great tutorial, and just on time for me.
so clear and looks easy peasy.
thank you so much.

Chiara Handmade said...

great tutorial!!!!
thank you