Monday, October 12, 2009

Sorry !! If you just visited and left a comment :-(

I am very sorry but I just saw 2 comments and pressed what I thought was the publish buttton and then horror of horrors it said 2 comments deleted :-( I am really sorry and if it was you would you please come back :-) I don't know if they were entries to my blog candy and I would hate to miss anyone out :-(
I have now turned off comment moderation ,,, too much responsibility !!! :-) AND I don't have moderation ,,, I wish everyone would turn that off, it takes so much longer to leave comments ,,,, drives me mad !!!! :-)


Penny said...

lol.. My comment is not on your woohoo I won post... so one of those was probably mine!!!!!

Even if you turn off comment moderation you can still have your comments mailed to you so you don't miss any. That's all that I do.

Sue said...

pmsl hun well wasnt me ya deleted, guess what i won debbies candy on the wags hop i got the pussy cats i think?? chuffed, sue.x

carlz said...

lol am i a regect now??? lmao xxxx