Tuesday, September 15, 2009

She's an Aquilina !! :-)

This is our dog Jessie enjoying a nice glass of chilled white wine at the beach :-)


Mina said...

lol hilarious...she looks like shes had a few too many already lol
Mina xxx

Crafting Queen said...

Naughty mummy!Bet she's not old enough to drink!lol
Hugs Anesha

stephanne said...

Oh, you pretty young thing, these things turn into a downward spiral rapidly, tread lightly, and I don't just mean in your wine selection.... This picture is hilarious, could be an advertisement!!

Joey said...

pmsl!!! oh what is your doggie like!!! xxx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Ha ha fabulous picture Lorraine. I hope she wasn't driving home !! My Suzie is not a wine buff, but is very partial to Baileys.
Caroline xxx

Magda said...

Great photo!
Best wishes from my beagle girls :)
Hugs, Magda