Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Amy Came 1st in Art !! :-)

Hi all, as some of you may remember Amy's caricatures I thought I'd let you know that she came 1st in her final school Art exam ( she still has to do the national one) and got full marks for her portfolio which is the national exam one. She is over the moon about it and is grinning from ear to ear, even with her new braces !!! ha ha
She is now planning to come to a study art at a UK uni when she's 18 so I may be calling on all you bloggy mates to keep an eye on her for me !!!!!

Lorraine x x


Joey said...

Hiya Hun, whooooooooooo hooooooooooo huge congrats! well done Amy :O) xxx

I'll keep an eye on her for you hun, dont let scoopy lead her astray pmsl.xxx

Powerful Search Engine said...

Well done Amy, I like Joey will keep an eye on her for you! That means she will have to come to London!!! We could take turns. Fabby news! Sue can have her at the weekends!!! Hugs Pascale

Lorraine A said...

Aww thanks girls ha ha :-) Am a bit worried about Sue havin her at weekends tho, she'll get her scrubbing out paint pots ha ha ha

Jackie said...

Oh well done to Amy, you go girl :o)
Jackie xx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Well Done to Amy. YOu must be a proud Mum too. Hazelxo

Emma said...

Woo hoo huge congrats to Amy.
Emma x