Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh What A Night !!!!

Yesterday I was terrible with severe hayfever, so I took a pill, nothing happened , still sneezy n drippy ughugh . So I took another one !, still no cure soooo against hubby's advice I changed type of pill and found a stronger one and it worked wonders washed down with a glass ( maybe 2 ) of red !! Fabby !! sneezes n drips stopped.
Went to bed at about midnight and could not sleep, not a wink !! These pills have stuff in them to stop the antihistamine making you drowsy and stop you falling asleep !!!
note to self , must listen to hubby's advice !! ha ha ha
Feel as though I've just done a night shift !!!
OK, will hop around all your blogs to see what you've been doin :-)
Lorraine x


Joey said...

oh lorraine, lol, what are you like!. hope the hayfever doesnt cause you too much grief this week. joey.x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh bless ya, what are you like you should know better, hope you have a lazy day today, just chillin!!!

Sue said...

LOL hun ya should have drank the whole bottle!!!! hope ya ok have a cat nap later, sue.x

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Lorraine yes you must listen to your hubby lol. Hope you get a better night tonight.

Lorraine x