Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter/ Christmas magnolia stamps ???

Has anyone received the Winter/christmas pre order stamps yet ?? I am so disappointed that here we are on 5th December and I still haven't received them. It is too late now to make cards and get them in the post. This is the last time I will do a pre order !! I have also heard that the stamps aren't in fact Christmas but Valentine ,,, which I don't want !

I am so disappointed and very annoyed with Magnolia Company ,,,


Chris (catt871) said...

Did you order them right from Netherlands?

Andrea said...

Hi Lorraine,
do not be sad! My girlfriend Silvia has told me that the first stamp plates probably sent this week should be. But Magnolia is once again not to editing. The stamp plate is determined soon. Now there were so many beautiful Christmas stamps from Magnolia. They're just so beautiful.
I press you and wish you a beautiful 2nd Advent
Hugs and Kisses
And many greetings

Christine said...

Hi Lorraine I didnt order this set & the members on DC forum are all still waiting too
Magnolia has timed this very badly...maybe its because they have already brought out an xmas range??? there dif. images rather than the xmas ones in hoping peeps will buy more stamps...

Hugs Christine xx

Ann said...

I can understand you being disappointed. I only did a preorder with a company once (not magnolia) and would never do it again - I too was disappointed.
Hope you get your stamps soon and they are worth the wait.
Ann xxx

Gwen said...

So, sorry for you, Lady have always been a huge supporter of Magnolia's and Tilda...hope you get them soon.


Penni said...

I pre-ordered too and haven't yet received my stamps. I was expecting Christmas stamps, and like you say it is now getting too late for this season - but I will be able to use them for next year!!! If they aren't Christmas / Winter Stamps I will be very cross as I don't do Valentine things!!!

Lets hope we aren't too disappointed, although I don't think I will pre-order from them again. I did pre-order from Whiff of Joy and am thrilled with the stamps I received, which were here in plenty of time to make Christmas cards.


Mummylade said...

Well, I live in Sweden - the land of Magnolia stamps =) - and last time I preordered (the fall stamps) I had them about a week before English customers and I'm seriously upset cause I haven't received mine yet.
Really, really annoying since I've finished my Christmas cards now...
And if I get Valentine stamps I will scream!

beadz said...

This is the first time I've ordered the club, and I have not gotten them yet either. It does sound like it will not really be Christmas images though.

Mina said...

totally agree Lorraine, fed up waiting now and will be majorly peeved if its valentines, and rubbing salt in the wounds they are taking pre orders for the Spring set now....cheek lol
Mina xxx

Tasha said...

Hey Lols
I am in the same boat as you - ordered hem ages ago and got giddy with excitment when they said they would be shipped on the 30th! but they are still not here and i havent received the tracking number that i have paid for with my package. I email them and they NEVER reply!
As for the stamps apparently they are going to be a mix to use all year round including wedding stamps! But i dont know why its called the winter kit if its not christmas stamps. Just as well really as it is too late for christmas now!
Ill never order stamp club again thats for sure!
love tasha xx

stephanne said...

Awww, I am sorry Lolz :( It stinks to have to THINK about what you'd be crafting if you only had the stamps you were waiting on in the first place!! I don't order the stamp club thingie and from seeing everyone still hanging in the rafters and we are 3 weeks from Christmas...... going to pass on that "deal". What a bummer. I have several of the Christmas images if you want, I would be happy to stamp some up for you, just so you could have a play with them :)
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

I will LOVE anything I get! I love that Magnolia has such a great range of stamps to create with...they have the "parts" or accessory stamps as some call them, etc. AND the price of the kit is so reasonable that I don't see why anyone wouldn't be delighted to have the variety!

Pam Going Postal

Pascale said...

Hi Lorraine i ordered them too in the hope they would arrive for christmas and I too have not received mine yet. I am getting anxious now you said they are Valentines as I don't want lots of Valentines stamps. I will use them next year if they are xmas x

Blankiefinder said...

You can read on their blog here (and see a tiny sneak peek): , but here is a quote:

[I]This kit will contain a bunch of lovley images who each have carefully been made to suit a lot of diffrent occasions:
decorate the christmas tree, decorate the christmas Presents, Valentine, New Years, Wedding and more….


Magnolia’s StampClub™ Winter & Christmas 2009 will begin shipping monday 30 November[/I]

I agree with most of the comments here, it is silly to call it a "Winter & Christmas" kit, if it's not really winter and Christmas, and if it's not going to be here until Christmas. Heaven only knows how long it will take to make it this far! Hopefully we all get it really soon!

scrappyjan said...

Don't have mine yet either.. :o( and yes I am sad as I thought they were going to be sent around Thanskgiving...
hugs, Janiel

Joanna Lamprou said...

I haven't received mine either.I look at my mail box two and 3 times a day but nothing yet.It's the first time i ordred and i am disappointed too.On the other hand the price was really good.I hope i'll have it tomorrow.

Harpa said... here is the chrismas and winter kit and it sucks :(

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.