Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Award :-)

I have just received this award from Suzanne ,,,, Suzanne has a fabulous blog and if you haven't been already you should pop over there to say hello :-)
now I am hopeless at these awards ,,, I apologise to those of you who have given them to me and I haven't blogged them ,, I have no excuse ,, other than I am generally busy making cards and leaving comments ,,, and forget !!
OK I have to say 7 interesting things about myself ,,, thats a difficult one for starters !!!! and pass it on to several of you peeps ,,,I am useless at doing that ,,, so I pass this award to all my followers :-) You all deserve it ,, :-) x x

OK here goes
1 ,,, err ,,, told ya it was a diffy ,,,will come back to this one
2,, oohh ,,, I've got a Blue Peter Badge !!! YAY !! ,,, not tellin what for tho ,, lol
3,, My fave colour is blue
4 I LOVE House Mouse Stamps ,,, and am collecting them all :-)
5 My fave drink is tea,,, closely followed by gin & tonic :-)
6, I am an Advanced Scuba Diver
7 last one ,,,, err sorry ,,, can't think of anything :-)

OK ,, take this award with my good wishes and thanks Suzanne for thinking of me x x x :-)


Sue said...

lol hun what ya like!! i never know what to say if im honest, oh i order some xmas hm!! well i can get ahead next year! lol.
I dun warpped sense humour hm xmas one!!!sue.xx

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, Lorraine. I, too have a difficult time passing them on and finding interesting things to say, lol...think everyone does.
Suzanne x