Thursday, September 3, 2009


It is Heidi's birthday today and am sure the whole of blogland would like to help her celebrate ,,, she has sponsored so many challenges,,, am sure many of you have received prizes from her store,,,,, well now to repay the kindness,,, show her your support and make a card for her challenge,,,,,I know the DT's on all the blogs she sponsors will all be making a card this week !!!!!

Pass the word along,,,, she would like to see 200 entries this week ,,,, not enough !!! Heidi DESERVES more !! NO OTHER COMPANY SUPPORTS CHALLENGES AS MUCH AS SHE DOES !! AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT !! so come on girls make a card and tell all your friends,,, lets make a record for the highest number of entries :-)

we can do this !!! :-)


stephanne said...

Oh oh oh, we should do a card shower!! Yes, it'll be late, but hey hey!! I am going to make one and send it to her after I blog it!! I have the SS warehouse addy off of my last order, the bag is still fluttering around my house, haha!! Count me in!!

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

I have just posted my SSS entry -
Heidi is definitely the Queen of Candy and it would be great to get all the followers to post a card for her.
Caroline xxx