Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sammy's Race for Life

I have just found this on the Funky Fairy's Blog of Inspiration, Shaz posted this on the blog so I am helping to spread the word :-)

Sammy at Buttonz and Bradz is being very brave to Belly Dance the route in a pink costume lol :-) Hope someone video's this and we get to see her 'In Action' !! :-)

I 'lifted' this text from Sammy's blog, hope she doesn't mind ! was suggested that our class belly dance the 5km Race for Life in pink costumes! Now I don't know enough people to sponsor me, but I had a thought: ask my blogging buddies to send me a card featuring pink (or blue to be pc!) that I will sell in Church in aid of Cancer Research. (See
As the race is on my birthday I thought I'd give some Candy to one sweet participant who will be drawn one week later on 24th May. The candy will increase by one item for every 10 cards I receive so please spread the message!
Please send cards to: Sammie Clare, 8 Charles Mauger House, Bosq Lane, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 2JE including your name and e-mail address.
Many thanks for your generosity in joining my efforts!

My cards will be in the post on Monday Sammie , Good Luck :-)

Lorraine x x

p.s Last day to enter my blog candy ! The post is at the top of my blog :-)

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Sammie said...

Many, many thanks for publicising my Race for Life. I really appreciate the support!
Best wishes,
Sammie x