Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've just received this award from iRene, if you haven't visited her blog you should go and take a peek, she makes beautiful cards :-)
I have to tell you some things I'm addicted to and pass this on to a few of you, can't remember how many exactly !! Anyway will get to that later cos am off to Malta now with friends that're here on holiday ;-)
Am not making many cards at d mo' we re making a 'Barcelona' album :-) will show y'all later :-)


Hazel (Didos) said...

Well done on your award, there is another one on my blog for you , HAzel xo

Maria Matter said...

Well, Lorraine, I do believe you have an award winning blog!!! Congrats!
There is alot of linking to do isn't there...I am so lazy in posting mine!
Have a lovely day!
Blessings, Maria