Saturday, April 9, 2011

Play.Com ,,,,,, a warning !!!

I would just like to tell you all about my experiences with I have placed several orders with them and recently ordered some books for my Niece in Holland. Instead of sending one order, it was duplicated, which was their mistake. They took double the funds from my account and they have told me to return the books for a refund. My sister would be happy to return them but it would cost almost as much in postage as it cost for the books.

Now, as this was their mistake I would expect them to cover the cost of postage, I have emailed them via their help desk several times pointing this out and each time they just ask me to send them back !!

On a previous occasion I pre ordered a doll figure which I paid for and was never sent, I pointed that out several times and got no-where so I gave up !!

Play . com seems OK when things are going right, but if there is a problem with an order their customer service is terrible, they take your money and then just give you the run around.

OK ,, I am getting back to my cards now :-) I just wanted to get that off me chest and warn any of you that were thinking of ordering from them to be careful !

If I hear back from them with a more positive response I will update you :-)

hope you're all having a nice weekend :-)