Monday, June 8, 2009

3 awards :-)

I have received 3 fabulous awards over the weekend :-) The first one was from Pascale thanks so much for this I really appreciate it :-)

now I have to list 10 things about myself ,,, hmmm
I love cadbury's chocolate, especially the whole nut :-)
oohh still 9 to go,, this is diffy ,,,, will come back to it later :-)

The next award was from Joey
Thanks so much for this too :-)

and last but not least I also received this fabby award from Caroline :-) Thankyou so much for this Caroline I really appreciate it :-)

Now I have to pass these awards on but to be really honest I've had an extremely busy weekend and am exhausted and have lots of catching up to do so I will just have to say to all my followers that if any of you don't have these then please take them with my pleasure, you all deserve them for putting up with me !!! :-)

I'm coming round checking up on you all now :-)
Lorraine x x x