Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lovely Awards :-)

I got these awards from Sue a couple of days ago but forgot to post it !! Sorry but I was poorly and full of anti histamines for my Hay Fever so my brain wasn't on full function !! :-)
Thanks Sue I really appreciate them.

I have also just received the 'Inspiration ' award from Joanne too :-) Thanks so much, I really appreciate you thinking of me :-) x x x

I also received these awards a couple of days ago too so I am going to put them all together :-)

From Donna
and Josianne

From Donna

From Donna

Ooh yesterday Josianne at Cardmaking Galore gave me the first of these 3 lovely awards but I din't have the time to post it on my blog and now today Donna at Bearly Mine Crafts
have given me these too :-)

I have to pass these on to 5 others but am sorry I 'll have to come back to this later ,,,, busy at the mo !! :-) I was just taking a break from cleaning loo's etc ughughugh to have a cuppa t so back later ,,,, :-)

OK now am editing and will do my job and pass these awards on :-)
But first I have to tell you one fact about me that you may not know ( thats the rule on the award from Sue !! :-))
This is difficult, can't think of anything interesting err OK thought of something :-)
On my 40th birthday I went for a night out to the 'Nightclub area in Malta' and there just happened to be a massive American aircraft carried in the harbour :-) Well all the sailors were there in their gorgeous white uniforms, ooh they were handsome ,,, anyway I ended up on the stage with them at the Hard Rock Cafe singing ( and yeah doing the moves !! ) of the Y M C A !!!!! lol

Ok Now to pass these on to 5 lovely friends. This is the hard bit cos I hate leaving anyone out so as well as these 5 I would like all my followers to take these too, I just can't link everyone it would take forever :-)


OK off to boost my caffeine levels now :-)

Have a lovely Sunday :-)
Lorraine x x x