Monday, March 16, 2009

Bloomin Birthdays !!! :-)

Well, It is my birthday today, not tellin ya how old tho !!! ha ha it got off to a brilliant start with me going onto the kitchen to find one of the cat's had sprayed pee all over the bread bin ,,,, nice !!!! ughughugh Then after cleaning the whole area with bleach n what not I went to living room with me cuppa t to catch up with Sky news, only to find the dog had peed on the rug !!!!
Then I had emails saying my credit card payments for stuff i'd bought had been declined !!! So after contacting the bank it seems there was a batch of cards that had been compromised and mine was in them and they had sent me a new one 2 weeks ago ,,,,, never got that or the pin !!! wierd !! AND this is after I had to stop my other credit card cos it was hacked into on Friday evening !! The bank were quick off the mark on that one tho , they phoned me immediately , at least ,,,,
But on a nicer note , Amy baked me a choccy cake with cadbury's flake all over it ,, yummm and Ray got me a lovely bunch of tulips :-) ( and a cheque for me to buy crafty bits :-))

nothing to post yet, am just putting the finishing touches to my blog candy items, so if anyone on my list hasn't put it on their blog and emailed me their address can you do it PLEASE otherwise will have to re route the candy !!!! :-)

happy b day to me , happy b day to me happy b day to mee eee happy b day to me :-)